Nature Heals

🍃nature will heal you if you let it💚

The earth, water and trees have been calling to me – A LOT!

I’ve been submerging myself in nature and weaving these intricate and beautiful rituals alongside spectacular nature 🙌🏾

I feel grateful that everyday I can sink my toes into sand and spend hours soaking in the healing waters of the cenote and be bathed by powerful father sun and then be renewed each night under the yummy stars and moon 💕

That divine masculine and feminine balance without is balancing the duality within 🌀

We’ve got a few days left of February and more than you can ever imagine is being packed into these days for your highest good 🎉

•Will you open more and allow?
•Have you been grounding the goodness and giving offerings for your gratitude?

I can’t say what is to come for you, but I can say that’s it’s really f*cking amazing and I’m already excited and happy for you !

Celebrate now 🎉
Dance now 🎉
Give thanks N O W 🎉

These next days before 1 March are unfolding to be the best ever 💕🙃🌀🙌🏾💚