Rewrite Your Story

New Year, New You! This is YOUR Year! 2020 Clarity!

Listen, the calendar changed and we are here in 2020! However, whatever you are NOT changing, you are CHOOSING! 

Read that again.

You can’t have a new year, new you moment unless you actually take actionable steps to make changes!

Change isn’t hard, it’s inevitable.

Aren’t you TIRED of telling yourself the SAME story OVER and OVER again!

I’ve been there, done that. Sometimes we hold on to these stories as crutches without even realizing it!

It’s really time you get tired of yourself and your old, patterned and damaging stories!

I’ve created this 4 week group coaching to FACILITATE actionable steps and spiritual alignment to REWRITE YOUR story!

Join me starting next Wednesday January 8 as we embark on a 4 week journey of letting go of your old story and creating space for your NEW story to emerge!

Register here:

The first 2 to register will receive special pricing of $250! Regular introductory pricing is $333.

Week 1 Wednesday January 8: Let that Shit Go!

Week 2 Wednesday January 15: Mend Your Mindset

Week 3 Wednesday January 22: CLARITY, Shift Happens

Week 4 Wednesday January 29: Manifest Your Deepest Desires

What you will receive:

– 4 live weekly group coaching sessions within our private community

– Downloadable workbook

– Full Moon and New Moon rituals

– You will also receive an ADDITIONAL 2 hours of 1:1 time with me (4 weekly, 30 minute sessions) as I guide you, personally through this important process!

I am passionate and excited about this because I know this work is needed at this time for us to collectively SHIFT out of the SHIT and into truly living free, open and ready!

It is never too late to change your narrative of how your life can be!

Any questions, as always, message me here or shoot me an email:

Whatever you are NOT changing, you are CHOOSING!