Conquer Your Fears Intensive with Bianca

I am putting out a call to FIVE (5) brave women who are ready to step up, reclaim their time and conquer their greatest fear!

I want to empower YOU to run in the direction of your fears and come out on the other side: STRONGER, BRAVER and more AWARE of your very own POWER within!

What you will receive in this intensive with me:

* 2 sessions: one 60 minute initial session (virtual) where we dive deep, uncover and identify your greatest fear.  Following our initial session, I will develop personalized SOUL WORK for you, supporting you in shifting your mindset and facing your fear head on!

*A follow up 30 minute session will occur a few days after our initial session where we will CELEBRATE and EMBODY what it feels to be completely FREE of this F(alse) E(vidence) A(ppearing) R(eal) !

*You will leave this intensive completely renewed as you have just created SPACE within your mind/body/soul to be free of this fear

*You will experience a shift in mindset that will empower you to always run in the direction of your fears

*You will gain clarity and awareness in mind/body/soul on how to conquer fears moving forward in your life

*You will have my undivided attention and support as we walk through facing your greatest fear!

This offer is available through 8 July 2018 for ONLY $100 for ONLY FIVE brave and ready women! I am here to support you and uplift you as you make the choice to FACE YOUR FEARS!

Even if you have to do it afraid, I will empower you and guide you through the entire process ❤ ✨ 

Payment can be made below and I will send you an email with my availability between now and 13 July 2018. It is imperative to complete this work prior to this month’s new moon.

The greatest and most important investment we can make is in ourselves. See you brave ladies on the other side!

Overcome Your Greatest Fear Today
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