Post Full Moon Feels

Today is so soft and gentle • nurturing and nourishing • take time to drop into your body today, like really drop in • how does your body feel? how do each of your chakra points feel? • feel, breathe and give thanks • the solid foundation for your new has anchored in • walk barefoot upon the earth, immerse yourself in glorious nature • let the sun shine on your skin • we made it, we really made it 🎉🙌🏾 • everything in your life is stable • everything that’s in your life and coming into your life is here to stay • pursue the impossible • shoot for the stars • it’s all yours and it’s all yours now • my beloved, I am so grateful in this new day, this new earth frequency, this new now • gentle, grounding, expanding, beautiful, bountiful, abundant Virgo full moon – I adore you, I thank you for all you’ve given me and for this delicious energy to carry me through • this is what we’ve all been waiting for • ashé