Moonday Virtual Women’s Circles

Have you felt the desire to connect more with your sisters or other like-minded women?

Are you looking for a safe and sacred space to be heard and seen?

Have you been missing the connection and bond of sisterhood?

I know I have and I have greatly been missing hosting my monthly New Moon Women’s Circles.

Sometimes life happens and gets in the way of well, life!

I’ve been thinking about how to connect  more and more frequently with my sisters in a more consistent way, as I too, desire that connection that sisterhood brings.

So….I’d like to announce my Moonday Virtual Women’s Circles!!!

Join me weekly each Monday night as we gather in a safe space where we women can all be seen, heard, embraced and empowered!

I desire for this to build up a community of women and strengthen our bond with one another.

The Details:

  • Every Monday night at 8pmEST starting September 9, 2019 (4 circles per month)
  • Open only to 10 women
  • Private online meeting space
  • Private online community
  • Weekly journal prompts
  • Weekly themes/focus
  • End of month wrap up email with all topics of discussion + your own personal ritual
  • Monthly investment: $55.55

I will always open and close our circle with a meditation and affirmation for the week.

This will be a safe container to come and just be. You will have the opportunity to share and be heard since this will be limited to 10 women only – I want to keep it small so we can build a solid foundation and bond with one another.

I chose to host this via an online platform in order to be able to connect with my sisters near and far.

So why Monday and what is Moonday?

Monday is ruled by the Moon and despite it being recognized as the beginning of a work week, instead I embrace Moonday Monday’s as soft, gentle days, to tune in more to myself and what my soul needs.

I want women to have the opportunity to drop in and tune into their feminine essence.

It’s more important now more than ever that we step into our power and recognize fully who we are.

This is meant to be a nourishing time spent with your sisters to get to know thyself more and connect on a deeper, spiritual level. 

*B O N U S*

The first 3 women who sign up will receive a free 30 minute card reading with me!

Click below to register and secure your spot today!

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions 

xoxo B

Red Moon Tantra Priestess Retreat – Ubud, Bali

Coming soon!! I am so excited about this retreat and to be going back to my beloved Bali! She has been calling me back hOMe for a while now. I always knew when I go back to the sacred land of Bali, it would be as a retreat facilitator! Magic and divine timing is bringing me back to Bali!

Stay tuned for more info coming your way!

Healing The Mother Wounds Online Workshop

I am so excited to bring to you my first ever online Healing workshop!  Healing the Mother Wounds is SO very important! This download came through me last week and it is so raw, real, vulnerable and emotional!

Healing The Mother Wounds Online Workshop: Thursday 14 June, 2018 at 7:00PM EST – you may register in the link below ✨ I look forward to doing this deep and necessary work with you sisters.

What you will receive from this workshop:

✨ Identify the Mother Wounds within
✨ Identify unhealthy patterns that have formed from this relationship
✨ See where these patterns have stopped you from achieving what you really want
✨ Begin to gain an understanding of why this clearing work is necessary
✨ Finally see a future where anything is possible


✨ My specific Meditation for Healing Mother Wounds emailed afterwards to begin the healing process

See you on Thursday! 💕

Overcome Your Greatest Fear Today
Your Email Address:


I really wanted to write something here, just now… about authenticity and integrity. Ethics and your self-perception. Did you know that you are hundreds of different versions of YOU to every single person you meet, cross paths with and connect to. Each of these people have a view of you as to how they themselves perceive the very essence of you.

Some people see things in you that you don’t see yourself, but if both are willing to participate in the lesson, given time, that person will be reflecting that part of you, back to you. When both parties are open and allow the lesson to be born through them, wow, what a beautiful and healing experience that is. Having someone reflect something back to you that you maybe have not been wanting to face, or each time it comes up, you run the other way can be confronting.

But I believe we benefit greatly when this does occur. This helps us with our personal growth and getting steps closer to becoming who we were. The remembering process. This process comes about voluntarily when you are ready to face you. When you are ready to look yourself in the eyes, in your heart, in your mind and have the courage to face what you see and feel.

Fighting through the tears, the fears, the truth. Breathing into your past, diving deep, getting so so real, so you can breathe freely in your Now. The time is always ripe for some soul work and lesson learning. But why don’t we help out our soul and do our best to learn the lesson and gain the knowledge the first time around. Let’s not become addicted to the cycle. Rather let’s transmute and transcend and grow.

I’m not perfect, haven’t reached Samahdi, I don’t even want to be. I just want to be the truest most real and authentic Bianca that I can be. I will keep doing my inner work, embracing the shadows, too. Soul Work is ever present and only here to assist us in being the best you possible.

We are all coming home to ourselves, let us be gentle, kind and compassionate to our souls as we traverse this journey. Let us also show gentleness, kindness and much compassion to those around us in the middle of their soul work and especially to those who have yet to begin.

~Thoughts from B for Tantric Soul Birth ~