4 March Tarot Cards

Today’s energy is soft. How gentle can you be with yourself and with others? Where can you be more soft and allowing within your body and your mind? Find your stillness and breathe into your softness. Fill those rigid spaces up with breath and self-love. Today, be soft. Today, be gentle. Allow and surrender. Surrender and allow. Focus on the present moment. Hold yourself in softness and allow yourself to be held. Be soft.

Nature Heals

🍃nature will heal you if you let it💚

The earth, water and trees have been calling to me – A LOT!

I’ve been submerging myself in nature and weaving these intricate and beautiful rituals alongside spectacular nature 🙌🏾

I feel grateful that everyday I can sink my toes into sand and spend hours soaking in the healing waters of the cenote and be bathed by powerful father sun and then be renewed each night under the yummy stars and moon 💕

That divine masculine and feminine balance without is balancing the duality within 🌀

We’ve got a few days left of February and more than you can ever imagine is being packed into these days for your highest good 🎉

•Will you open more and allow?
•Have you been grounding the goodness and giving offerings for your gratitude?

I can’t say what is to come for you, but I can say that’s it’s really f*cking amazing and I’m already excited and happy for you !

Celebrate now 🎉
Dance now 🎉
Give thanks N O W 🎉

These next days before 1 March are unfolding to be the best ever 💕🙃🌀🙌🏾💚

Love Being Y O U

I really love being me 

What an epic and intentional day I weaved 🌊

I had no idea just how epic my day would be, but I knew something was in the air 🙃

I did my morning walk to beach to submerge myself in healing waters and ended up staying at the beach from 930-230! ☀️

I wove so much womb magick and did my sea witch rituals 

I set my intention that I would only come across kind, high vibe beings and wow 🎉

What a blissful, bountiful, super fun day 🙌🏾

Something big is on it’s way to each and every one of us 🙏🏾

Something so big and beautiful and major that we’ve been faithfully hoping and praying for 💕

It’s all happening and within the next few days 

Keep your heart open, your mind open and just let what’s going to be, be 🌊

Get ready for your miracles 💕🙌🏾🎉

Don’t Look Back

I truly hope you keep saying no to those things which do not align with your highest purpose in life 💕

If it’s not a fck yes, it’s a no, so keep it moving so the things your soul cries out Y E S to have space to land within your vortex 

Post Full Moon Feels

Today is so soft and gentle • nurturing and nourishing • take time to drop into your body today, like really drop in • how does your body feel? how do each of your chakra points feel? • feel, breathe and give thanks • the solid foundation for your new has anchored in • walk barefoot upon the earth, immerse yourself in glorious nature • let the sun shine on your skin • we made it, we really made it 🎉🙌🏾 • everything in your life is stable • everything that’s in your life and coming into your life is here to stay • pursue the impossible • shoot for the stars • it’s all yours and it’s all yours now • my beloved, I am so grateful in this new day, this new earth frequency, this new now • gentle, grounding, expanding, beautiful, bountiful, abundant Virgo full moon – I adore you, I thank you for all you’ve given me and for this delicious energy to carry me through • this is what we’ve all been waiting for • ashé 

Love Day 2019

💕Happy Love Day lovers💕 today’s card pull is quite yummy • You must trust the mystery of life for in the unknown are things happening beyond your wildest dreams to bring you every single thing you’ve been calling in, dancing for and praying for • your ancestral healing is key to opening and unblocking your precious, beautiful heart – ground down in this energy • you are so so so supported in your money and love endeavors • love harder and more transparently than you ever have before • the love is so supported and the love you love is a water sign • a deeply emotional being who is also going through their own healing • keep sending them love, love, love on their journey and send your spirit guides to help them • the love entering into your life is stable and real • trust the mystery of your beautiful life 💕

Tantric Soul Birth Services

Hello loves 💕 if anyone has any questions and you are interested in any of my services, please send me a message here or to my email: tantricsoulbirth@gmail.com

I have availability for 1:1 clients, card readings, chakra balancing & energy healing sessions, spell work too 

Start Your Days With Intention

💕start your days with intention💕 I regularly go to the beach for morning meditation to speak my prayers to the sea and bring a flower offering for my Spirit guides  today I was surrounded by the most beautiful energy and ended up meditating for almost 2 hours! Had the most delicious conversation with my ancestors and Spirit guides as I expressed my gratitude for the way the Universe has OVER delivered this past week and gearing me up for this yummy week of love 💕 what are you grateful for? What do you wish to call into your life this week? Speak it and make it known so your spiritual team can bring you your deepest desires in the most beautiful, surprising and miraculous ways 🙏🏾

Speak Your Truth

 there is truly nothing more freeing than speaking your truth. You should never feel like you need to hold back on what you feel when you feel what you feel – express thy self! Tuning into your inner truth allows you to have that lazer focus on what is working and thus allows you to fully EXPAND beyond even your wildest dreams  today’s card pull encourages you to speak your TRUTH, FOCUS on what is working and EXPAND beyond your perceived limitations 💕 everything is working for your greater good. Hold nothing back, aim high and look beyond your current reality

Conquer Your Fears Intensive with Bianca

I am putting out a call to FIVE (5) brave women who are ready to step up, reclaim their time and conquer their greatest fear!

I want to empower YOU to run in the direction of your fears and come out on the other side: STRONGER, BRAVER and more AWARE of your very own POWER within!

What you will receive in this intensive with me:

* 2 sessions: one 60 minute initial session (virtual) where we dive deep, uncover and identify your greatest fear.  Following our initial session, I will develop personalized SOUL WORK for you, supporting you in shifting your mindset and facing your fear head on!

*A follow up 30 minute session will occur a few days after our initial session where we will CELEBRATE and EMBODY what it feels to be completely FREE of this F(alse) E(vidence) A(ppearing) R(eal) !

*You will leave this intensive completely renewed as you have just created SPACE within your mind/body/soul to be free of this fear

*You will experience a shift in mindset that will empower you to always run in the direction of your fears

*You will gain clarity and awareness in mind/body/soul on how to conquer fears moving forward in your life

*You will have my undivided attention and support as we walk through facing your greatest fear!

This offer is available through 8 July 2018 for ONLY $100 for ONLY FIVE brave and ready women! I am here to support you and uplift you as you make the choice to FACE YOUR FEARS!

Even if you have to do it afraid, I will empower you and guide you through the entire process ❤ ✨ 

Payment can be made below and I will send you an email with my availability between now and 13 July 2018. It is imperative to complete this work prior to this month’s new moon.

The greatest and most important investment we can make is in ourselves. See you brave ladies on the other side!

Overcome Your Greatest Fear Today
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