Speak Your Truth

 there is truly nothing more freeing than speaking your truth. You should never feel like you need to hold back on what you feel when you feel what you feel – express thy self! Tuning into your inner truth allows you to have that lazer focus on what is working and thus allows you to fully EXPAND beyond even your wildest dreams  today’s card pull encourages you to speak your TRUTH, FOCUS on what is working and EXPAND beyond your perceived limitations 💕 everything is working for your greater good. Hold nothing back, aim high and look beyond your current reality

Conquer Your Fears Intensive with Bianca

I am putting out a call to FIVE (5) brave women who are ready to step up, reclaim their time and conquer their greatest fear!

I want to empower YOU to run in the direction of your fears and come out on the other side: STRONGER, BRAVER and more AWARE of your very own POWER within!

What you will receive in this intensive with me:

* 2 sessions: one 60 minute initial session (virtual) where we dive deep, uncover and identify your greatest fear.  Following our initial session, I will develop personalized SOUL WORK for you, supporting you in shifting your mindset and facing your fear head on!

*A follow up 30 minute session will occur a few days after our initial session where we will CELEBRATE and EMBODY what it feels to be completely FREE of this F(alse) E(vidence) A(ppearing) R(eal) !

*You will leave this intensive completely renewed as you have just created SPACE within your mind/body/soul to be free of this fear

*You will experience a shift in mindset that will empower you to always run in the direction of your fears

*You will gain clarity and awareness in mind/body/soul on how to conquer fears moving forward in your life

*You will have my undivided attention and support as we walk through facing your greatest fear!

This offer is available through 8 July 2018 for ONLY $100 for ONLY FIVE brave and ready women! I am here to support you and uplift you as you make the choice to FACE YOUR FEARS!

Even if you have to do it afraid, I will empower you and guide you through the entire process ❤ ✨ 

Payment can be made below and I will send you an email with my availability between now and 13 July 2018. It is imperative to complete this work prior to this month’s new moon.

The greatest and most important investment we can make is in ourselves. See you brave ladies on the other side!

Overcome Your Greatest Fear Today
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What is Tantric Soul Birth?

✨Tantric Soul Birth✨

So where did these three words come from and how did they become my healing modality? ✨ Great questions! Glad you asked 😘

So let’s break down each of these three words shall we ✨✨✨

TANTRA ~ I wonder what you think when you see and hear the word TANTRA. I know, for me, growing up in the West, Tantra was easily and quickly associated with sex and sensuality and possibly the occasional orgy thrown in there. I had a Kama Sutra book growing up and studied those sexual positions more than I studied in high school 🤣🤣🤣 I was fascinated by this concept of super soul deeply connected euphoric mind blowing sex! I mean, who wouldn’t be?!?! 😏

Anyways, while I was living on Bali for that sacred and magical year, I had the absolute pleasure and honor to study a bit of Tantra with one of my favorite yoga instructors I met in Canggu. I remember when she was talking about a 5 day silent Tantra yoga retreat on the Gili Islands and how something inside of me instantly knew I had to go on this retreat! I went, not knowing what to expect, but having just sat with Kambo 🐸 the day before and leaving the next morning for this retreat, I was raw and open and ready to receive and to learn.

One of the first questions this wise instructor asked us, “so what is Tantra to you?” We each have our answer and her sly smile told me what I thought I knew of Tantra was not all there is to know. Fast forward through this 5 day intense mirror and deep dive into my very soul, I realized everything I ‘knew’ about Tantra was not going to cut it. In these five days, not only were we silent, but during the group meditations and group practices, we dove head first into our own shit! We each held up a mirror to ourselves and could not look away! Wow! Sorting through the shit and walls and false masks we put up to really get to our soul, our truest and most authentic self! I was hooked! And got the chance to have another mini weekend Tantra yoga retreat with this wise teacher.

SOUL ~ our very essence of who we really are. That soft, quiet voice that sometimes screams at us when it really needs to get our attention. Our soul – what makes us unique and amazingly special. Your soul leads and guides you and your soul oftentimes needs to be healed. Healed from the bullshit and trauma it’s put up with as you traverse your life. Your soul is that deep part of you who is truly who you really are.

For whatever reason, we tend to neglect our beautiful soul or pile/try on all of these personalities that are just not us! Eventually our super shiny and authentic soul gets to break free and shine bright! This happens when you finally get into alignment with who you really are.

BIRTH ~ Ok, this I am super passionate about and I can not WAIT to become a Doula! A birth Doula is what my soul’s calling is, as well as a Healer. Until I become a Birth Doula, I am a SOUL DOULA. Right beside you, championing you along as we journey through your soul’s healing to birth forth your truest, most authentic self; no longer hiding your magic and who you really are – who you came here to be before the world piled on their ridiculous social constructs!

So – Tantric Soul Birth came through after one of 6 of my Ayahuasca ceremonies. I was in a place where I was this.close to really bringing my purpose to light, but I didn’t know exactly what to call it or how to go about it. So during my Ayahuasca journey, these three words came through LOUD and CLEAR ✨ TANTRIC SOUL BIRTH ✨ and so, A Soul Doula was born and thus my life work, my healing modality, that I now present to you 💖

This is my heart, my soul and my vulnerability. Tantric Soul Birth came through because I courageously took steps and used various spiritual tools to facilitate my soul’s healing! ✨💖 This was no cake walk and I faced myself on many occasions as I gently healed my soul…and still am!

I am here to be of service to those souls whom are called to heal and to work with me ✨💖 I can promise you compassion and I can promise you healing. What I can not promise is that this will be easy, nor that it will be comfortable! Healing your very soul is CONFRONTING work! And it is that, work! The soul work never stops and I am here to facilitate and hold space for you to heal yourself ✨💖🙏🏾

Thank you for reading this as it decided to pour from my soul at this very moment 💖 and please reach out to me if you feel called or any of this resonates with you 😍 let’s go on this journey together, to heal your beautiful soul.

I N T E G R A T I O N – Cosmic Shifts

OK, let’s talk about what this latest cosmic shift has brought up shall we…On the actual day of the New Moon in Taurus, Tuesday, I woke up feeling much much lighter and freer than I had been the previous few days leading up to our new moon.

The days leading up to this new moon presented a few days where it felt like a mini Mercury Retrograde that was moving through – perhaps to finish what the previous entire Mercury Retrograde did not complete within me. All good with me as it felt much more gentle than the actual retrograde haha!

It was a time to not only learn, listen and get rid of completely old damaging patterns, beliefs and ways of doing things, but a period of solid INTEGRATION. This past weekend was a weekend of integration on a cell level, DNA deep. Completely removing what truly no longer serves me nor will serve me in this new age of Uranus moving into Taurus.

Our whole everything is being CHANGED! And from the inside out from the top down and as above, so below. The beautiful part about this entire cosmic shift is that we are SO supported and SO held through it all. The veil is super thin and we can reach out to and ask our ancestors and spirit guides for any and everything and they will respond with the quickness.

Anyways, so last night I spent my evening on my rooftop gazing up at the stars and just breathing! I can not even remember the last time I took intentional moments to just breathe. I teach yoga five times a week, but my own practice of meditating and asana hasn’t been so constant. So last night was truly a treat to my soul.

As I gazed up to the sky, I was focused on Mars and the Big Dipper constellation, which is completely upside down right now. The breeze was perfect and I was led by spirit to breathe first into my heart space for a while and then into my womb space for quite some time.

While I zoned out and breathed deep into my body, there were times when I was invited to open mouth exhale and release, release, release! It was so very powerful! I was truly tapping into some deep stuff that needed to be breathed into while it was being brought up to the surface, transmuted and then released for good.

Do you even understand how powerful your breath really is. Your breath alone can heal you and get you through any sensations you are currently feeling and that are arising. * I will write a separate post on how breathwork can completely re-wire you and heal you from the inside out.*

So, after working with my ancestors in this 3D realm, I went to sleep, which was incredibly peaceful, but I didn’t recall my dreams. Well, this Thursday afternoon, my ancestors came to give me a solid dose of a 5D spiritual and ancestral magic journey while I was passed out for 3 hours listening to a meditation.

My ancestors never disappoint nor never skip a chance to impart messages and wisdom into me. They took me on this journey through my past, present and beyond. It was incredible to say the least – a separate post on this is coming as well as I recorded it when I “woke up”

Needless to say the cosmic shifts and their effects can not be ignored. This is potent time to tap into your deepest, most inner self and not only allow what needs to, to come to the surface, but utilize your spirit guides and ancestors to help you through this and provide keen guidance so you waste no time getting to the integration that your soul is so longing for.

Too Much…

Dear beautiful, awakened, trauma-surviving, mastering non-attachment(trying to at least), bright, working-through-your-wounds, doing your damn shadow work soul, who keeps your heart open – no matter what – because you’ve known the pain and agony those walls you built up can cause you ~ I urge you to continue in your soul deep process of re-membering and remembering who you are and why you are here.

Take up space, be “too much” – what the hell is “too much” anyways? A term people who haven’t faced themselves in the mirror who can’t stomach what they SEE or what comes up so they turn away saying it’s all “too much” – BE TOO MUCH! Express yourself! Open your mouth and say exactly WHAT YOU WANT!

You’ve worked too hard on yourself to make yourself small for beings who can’t appreciate nor see the work it takes to be “too much” …. Too much what tho? Too aware, too fed up with playing victim, too tired of having to dumb yourself down to others who won’t or don’t want to elevate, too open for those with closed minds, too loud, too bold, too wise, too confident because you worked hard on yourself to change your mindset and change your LIFE! too loving, too honest, too adventurous, too comfortable in their own skin…

TOO MUCH WHAT?! fuck that term and set of words! Banish it from your vocabulary and just let people BE! No one is too much! Every being is perfect exactly the way they are in their own unique wonderful beautiful way! You are NOT too much, you are just right, just awesome and just beautiful the way you are!


Hmmmm ‘NOT THIS’… I have a feeling this is exactly what my soul was screaming at me as I sat in a cubicle, miserable at this thankless job that I dreaded going to on a daily basis. Most jobs, actually, I ended up vehemently not liking 😂 and then quitting, but this one took the cake!

I could not stand going into work and literally would dream of that place sometimes at night 😷 no one I worked with enjoyed their jobs – they just did it because it paid the bills. I get it, but why does that have to be the reason we stay in something?! NOT THIS!

It was the end of 2013 and my soul’s shout must have finally reached my brain because after a quick trip to San Diego in December, within five weeks I had quit my job, found a new apartment and moved across the country to NEW BEGINNINGS!

The one good thing about my job was that I was able to save $10K, so I swiftly got rid of and sold everything I owned,packed my Ford Explorer and some suitcases and made my way to sunny California!

I remember reading a quote while I was sitting, seething in my cubicle that has never left me: “why work for someone else building their dream when you can build your own dream” Truly the only thing that kept me sane while working these nerve-grating 9-5 jobs were my side hustles – my art, my creativity. I told myself, “work your 9-5 to fund your 5-9” an one day your 5-9 will become your ‘work’ but you’ll enjoy it and be much happier!

Moving to California was the first of many big leaps of faith I began to make in my life! I started meeting so many more amazing, like-minded people who did things to the beat of their own drum. People with open minds and different ways of seeing things. People who accept you for who you are rather than asking “what do you do for a living?” In order to see how they should treat you based upon your response.

My soul was so SO happy to be free and to be open and to be experiencing the people, places and adventures I had the pleasure to experience. Most days I woke up in such wonder and gratitude like, WOW, all of this was just waiting for me to get to the other side of the country to experience!

And there was always the unknown at play, always. But one thing I am grateful to have learned was to TRUST the unknown – that wasn’t easy and at the beginning was mostly scary. But, as I worked through my fear of the unknown, I began to embrace it for what it was and what it was not.

In the unknown, there is AMPLE opportunity for ANYTHING to happen! That’s amazing! So, if anything can happen in the unknown, then that means ANYTHING AMAZING can happen – and guess what, it normally does!!!

The unknown is not this dark, scary place of doom. It’s the EXACT opposite! It’s full of light, abundance, chance, change and opportunity!!!

(There’s more so I’ll do part two of this tomorrow) as always, thanks for reading and letting me share 😘