Tantric Soul Birth Healing Session

So, what does a healing session look like/feel like with Bianca Nichole: Soul Doula?

Great question!! Each session is going to be different for each individual, however, the structure of the session will more or less be like that of a 1:1 therapy session.

Bianca, as an energy healer, will be holding space: physical and energetic, as you begin to loosen the grip of holding onto your past and stepping into your new.

She completely understands that healing different aspects of yourself that you have repeatedly turned away from and not given space to heal, is confronting work! And it is WORK!

Bianca is essentially the Doula for your soul: she is there to guide you through your healing journey (labor) while walking the journey with you to assist in birthing forth your best self in order to live your best life free from what is causing you to be unaligned.

But what are you talking about?

Great question! As you and Bianca discuss what it is that you wish to heal (and this can later be discovered as the session progresses) i.e.: damaging thought patterns, money blockages, chakra blockages, relationship issues, mother/father wounds, childhood trauma, seeking clarity for next steps, etc – Bianca will be there with you as she guides you to begin to unpack and identify deeply rooted patterns that have led to some unsatisfactory parts of your life.

Ok, what?

Bianca has a very tender, nurturing and compassionate way to assist you in getting to the root cause of your issue – and it’s not always what you think it is, is what you will discover.

So, once you have shared with Bianca your issue and circumstance, Bianca will then guide you through different Tantric (Breathing, Self Awareness) and Meditative practices that will lead you to Birthing forth your truest self, connecting you back to your soul.

Ok, I am sort of getting this, but what is energetic and spiritual healing? How will I be healed of my issue by working with Bianca?

More wonderful questions! Bianca has spent many months and years on her own healing journey and has learned SO much in order to heal herself from: grief, damaging thought patterns, removing blockages from her heart and throat chakras and more!

This has led to Bianca gaining clarity on the forward path of her life, taught her how to trust her instincts like never before and be led by her heart and soul as she flows through life, being present in challenging situations that before would have rocked her to her core.

While on her personal healing journey, Bianca gained knowledge from attending different medicine ceremonies, dedication to her yoga, meditation and breathwork practice, tuning into her Ancestral Spirit guides and figuring out which tools to utilize in order to assist her own healing.

Bianca operates only from the heart and with full compassion. She will be right by your side as you begin your healing journey, providing excellent care and attention to you and your soul’s call.

You will learn how to implement different spiritually healing tools to guide you back to your soul, your truest essence- to who you were before society told you who you were!

Wow! This sounds amazing, potent and powerful! How do I sign up for a healing session with Bianca?

Oh, it is most definitely potent and very powerful! Bianca is a powerful woman, but very humble about her gift. The moment you and she share energy, you will be completely at ease about whatever issue is ailing you. She will gently guide you to finally release that which no longer serves you.

Please use this link to set your initial Tantric Soul Birth Healing Session with Bianca here: calendly.com/tantricsoulbirth

And if I have further questions?

Please feel free to email Bianca: tantricsoulbirth@gmail.com and she will be in touch with you!