Bianca is an excellent Spiritual Healer

Bianca is an excellent spiritual healer. She helped me tap into my heart and throat chakra and suggested specific meditations to use. I recommend her for all of your healing needs.

She’s Authentic, Humble, Compassionate

Working with Bianca is inspiring; She’s authentic, humble, compassionate, tactful and most of all, honest. There’s no sugar coating with this soulful woman. She is full of gems and isn’t afraid to drop them for the betterment of her clients. I am so excited to work with her intimately to unpack my suitcase of burdens and troubles and filing it with new and healthy thoughts and patterns that will lead to a better me. I am so grateful to have re-connected with my SIS-star again!
Thank you so much for all that you do. Bianca.
With Love and Gratitude.

An Offer To Tap Back Into My Soul

This is what came up for me after sitting for my personalized meditation with Bianca:
Her services moves me to silence
An offer to tap back into my soul
Her tone: tuned to earth’s rhythm
Her words: a conduit, for something more
She, a wild feline, imprinting wisdom of her throne
Connecting me to wisdom, buried deep within my womb
I’m graciously receiving, her intuitive download
As I opened to the blessing, there was space for safe reload
Her voice was something, other, to carry me back home
Reminding me of mother: in her grace I’m not alone
Beyondca and her blessings are devoted to the cause
To lift us from the veil, and remind us of what was

Showing Us How To Empower Ourselves

I attended a new moon sisters circle put on by Bianca . I highly recommend attending one if you can , as they are just amazing! The bringing together of lovely women , showing us how to empower ourself , set attentions to achieve our goals , what we want in life. There is so much love in the room , beautiful ceremony circle of flower petals , fruits , this last time one of the most delicious Cacao’s I have drinken filled with love besides great taste by Bianca ,and at the end always picking a tarot card that always is the correct one for each of us .
So much Fun !!!! Amazing love engery . Thankyou Bianca for all you do & are ✨💕✨

I left feeling more centered, rejuvenated and clear

Thankyou Bianca. What a beautiful, genuine soul you are. I attended Bianca’s new moon sisters circle and I left feeling more centred, rejuvenated and clear in my mind. To be surrounded by other wonderful women with so much powerful and positive energy was healing in itself so Thankyou for creating that safe space that was just ours. Bianca creates an experience that is definitely special and so very inspiring. You’ve left me wanting more of you Bianca but you have to leave. Thankyou for bringing something new and refreshing to my life.

Fun magical and real

Fun magical and real Bianca’s unique personality makes soul searching a blast!!
I attended a few of her uplifting new moon woman’s circle.
I have never felt so safe and open to share. Her intuitive nature connects you to you soul in a fun way!
I love her next door girl quality you feel your hanging out with one of your friends, while in reality you are connecting to the universe in a loving healing way.
If Bianca Nichole happens to be in your area do your self a favor and attend one of her magical life changing events,you will leave feeling enthusiastic about your life´s purpose!!
Love and Smiles

She is so attuned with her intuition

My very first impression when I first met Bianca was that she reminded me of “The Oracle” in The Matrix movies! She is so attuned with her intuition that just by being around her, you end up picking some of that desire to be more aware and present. I loved and miss that. I had never been part of a Women’s Circle, and she was the perfect goddess to introduce me to one. She brought such good energy to each of the sessions I attended. I always left learning something new. I also worked with her on a more personal level, at a time when I felt the need to let go of some burdens and make space for new love energy to come into my life. I’m so happy I gave myself permission to do that. I feel so much lighter and yet, stronger, now. Maybe we’ll cross paths again!